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Alena & franco

L’Antica Masseria Jorche

From five generations family Jorche cultivate the passion of winemaking , traditions, genuine hospitality and gastronomy in charming “Antica Masseria” (XVI century) .

The sisters Dalila & Emanuela supervises and manage this historical activity.

You are in a authentic place of vacation , where becomes an unforgettable experience with quality of food and beverage , speciality from puglia and many originals private activities for all of guests.

Free wifi everywhere in area of Masseria , db room, tv satellite , free access to swimming pool and tennis court , etc…


Videos of Masseria :

Hotel 4∗∗∗∗  Il Grillo in Marina Di Pulsano

Boutique Hotel has 16 rooms. we reserve an exclusive and impeccable treatment for our customers. We make your stay unique and unforgettable in salento coast.

Confortable and spacious air-conditioned rooms, balcony or terrace with free wifi, outdoor swimming pool, reception room, a lush garden.

Recommended by : 2018 MICHELIN , Ospitalita Italiana, Slow food, Trip advisor 2018 excellent mention .